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Si vous êtes actuellement membre du Bryan Bootcamp ou avez participé à notre Bootcamp et des classes de yoga, partagez votre témoignage avec nous!

Laissez un commentaire, évaluez nos services et téléchargez une photo de vous, mettant en valeur vos résultats! Vous pouvez être la personne suivante que nous représentons dans nos transformations ci-dessous!

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One year ago I joined Bootcamp.

I had tried many diets and other extreme things to lose weight fast!!! Bootcamp is the first thing that has really worked for me. I love the spirit of the classes where everyone motivates each other.


I also love the diversity offered by the exercises, as we never know what to expect from Bryan. I can proudly say that I have lost 50 pounds and I am no longer obese! I went from wearing a size 38 to a size 32. Had I not joined this group, I would be at least 20 pounds heavier…….this has been a life changing experience!


It gives us great pleasure to introduce Erin Egan and highlight her amazing results!!!

Erin currently attends Better Body Bootcamp classes at our co-ed class in Candiac at St Marc Elementary School.
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achieve these same type of results with the support of our amazing staff and Boot-campers at one of our many locations.

connie pacifio

Wow!  Bryan O'Connor!  What can I say? You changed my life!


In September 2014 I felt the lowest. Low energy, low endurance, low strength, low self-esteem and over all unhappy with my body. The only thing that was high was my weight at 167lbs. I called Bryan and hired him for a 6 week personal training session at my home to give me the boost I needed. I continued on attending the Candiac Bootcamp classes 3 times a week. Since then, I've lost 25 lbs. I can honestly say I feel better and happier today at 43 than I did in my 30's!


Bootcamp has made me see incredible improvements in my strength, endurance and overall well-being. The workouts are challenging, creative, positive, and adjusted for every level. The variety keeps it fresh and makes it a total body workout. Bryan's encouragement, dedication and focus on helping improve each and everyone's physical fitness level is beyond any trainer I've ever seen. 


I love coming to Bootcamp! I love the friendships I've made and I love the support and encouragement from my Bootcamp family. You cannot get this environment anywhere else! 


I can do burpees (even though I still don’t like them!) and push ups, and I can skip. I feel good in my body after hiding behind it for so many years. I still have goals to achieve, but now with focus and motivation, and the support I received from Bryan, I know I can get there. I feel empowered like never before.


My message to anyone else thinking about joining is simple; stop thinking and just do it! Do not give up on yourself! Yes it’s hard, yes it takes work, yes you will have ups and downs, but in the end you will be a better person for it both physically and mentally.


Another added bonus is that I feel part of a “family” at boot camp. We are all there to support each other and celebrate in our success. This class is for anybody ready to commit to becoming a better you! Trust me, it works!!

Vicki HountalaS

We are very proud of Vicki for sticking with Bryan Bootcamp and accomplishing her goals!

Being one of our very first success stories,


Vicki has lead the way for so many Bootcampers to get fit and inspire others to do the same!

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